Expand your knowledge of banana flavoring.

Expand your knowledge of banana flavoring.

At the end of a potluck or a lazy afternoon at grandma’s house, nothing says “Yummy in my tummy” like a healthy serving of banana cream pie. With fruit, dairy, and bread, the banana cream pie might as well be its own food group on the pyramid. With a flavor this exquisite, it’s a shame that the banana cream pie isn’t celebrated with its own holiday or theme song. Seriously, who doesn’t love this dessert?

To celebrate this flavor, we suggest using premium banana syrup from Amoretti to create a toast worthy martini.

Banana Cream Pie Martini

Fill a shaker with ice and add the vodka. Shake vigorously a few times. After shaking, add the Irish cream and Amoretti Premium Banana Syrup. This time, you’ll want to shake thoroughly and ensure that the flavors combine evenly. Pour into a martini glass that’s been crusted with graham cracker crumbs.

And voila – you have a banana cream pie martini that you and your loved ones will enjoy!

Banana Syrup

This syrup is made from natural flavor, right here in our kitchens in Southern California. It’s one of our top selling fruit syrups.

How to Use Premium Banana Syrup

Because banana is such a rich and warm flavor, many people are actually unaware of all the different ways that they can use premium banana syrup to flavor their lives. Fortunately, by familiarizing yourself with more ways on how to use fruit syrups, you don’t have to keep making banana cream pie martinis until you use your entire bottle of Amoretti Premium Banana Syrup, though there would be nothing wrong if you did!

If you’re wondering how to use fruit syrups, why not consider:

  • Hot cocoa. Because chocolate is such a warm and rich flavor, premium banana syrup will only complement it further. Plus, who doesn’t like a frozen chocolate covered banana? Adding banana syrup to hot cocoa will allow you to enjoy this treat as one of the most creative ways of how to use fruit syrups.
  • Baked treats. Banana bread? Banana muffins? Because premium banana syrup from Amoretti is made with the highest quality ingredients available without any additives or artificial sweeteners, you can infuse your baked treats with incredibly delicious banana flavor.
  • Shakes and smoothies. Whether you want a strawberry and banana milkshake or simply want a creamier beverage, banana syrup from Amoretti will add unforgettable flavor that you’ll want to enjoy again and again.
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