Tropical Spiced Rum Drink Recipe: Amoretti White Sands Wash

Spiced Rum

It may be January, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a few tropical vibes in our life, right? We like to keep things fresh here on the Amoretti blog, and what tastes fresher than pineapple and fresh-squeezed limes? Yeah, that’s what we thought – tough question to answer!

We put those two ingredients to use, along with spiced rum, fresh ginger beer, and a little bit of our own creativity to come up with a drink recipe you’re guaranteed to love. Check it out…

Amoretti White Sands Wash

  • Ingredients:

    • Directions:
    • This is an easy cocktail you can whip up in no time. Fill an empty serving glass with ice. Add 3 ounces of spiced rum, one ounce of Amoretti Pineapple Martini Cocktail Mix, and squeeze the key lime over the mix. Fill to the top with ginger beer (not ginger ale), and you’re done!

      What makes this ingredient work is its freshness. Our pineapple cocktail mix is made from real pineapple concentrate and other high-quality natural fruit flavors and ingredients. We believe that using fresh fruit makes a world of difference in food and drink, and that difference starts with your beverage components.  Quality key limes also make a big difference.

      The real difference here is in using ginger beer. If you’ve never had ginger beer before, you should know that it’s not interchangeable with ginger ale. Ginger ale is more of a sweet soda, whereas ginger beer has an intense gingery “bite” that’s more akin to eating fresh ginger than drinking soda.

      Enjoy the White Sands Wash responsibly, and you’ll feel yourself transported to a warm beach, toes in the sand, somewhere far away – even if it is January! We bet you’ll enjoy this unique drink recipe as much as we do. Let us know what you think by sharing a comment on our Facebook page, or say ‘hello’ to us on Twitter.

      As always, any Amoretti product is completely backed by our personal guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with a product, then we aren’t. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and let us know how we can improve upon our cocktail mixes, premium syrups, or any other products!

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