Twist Your Martini Recipes With Amoretti Sour Cocktail Mixes!


This January, why not try shaking your martini recipes up a bit with a twist of our sour cocktail mixes? We offer 11 different martini/cocktail mixes, but today we want to hone in our focus on just two: Amoretti Sour Apple Martini, Appletini Cocktail Mix and Amoretti Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Mix. If you enjoy exciting martini recipes with a twist of sour in your vodka, hang with us…

Sour Lemon Cocktail Mix

We’ve published two popular recipes in the past that use this sour cocktail mix as a base. You can use it to make a standard lemon martini, but why not get creative with these martini recipes?

  • Boysenberry Lemon Martini: This refreshing martini recipe is just as soothing as it was when we wrote it in October. The taste is gourmet, but the preparation is simple. We recommend using this martini recipe for any cocktail parties you may have this month!
  • Amoretti Lemon Drop: This one isn’t exactly a martini recipe, but it’s just as popular! A simple little shooter, you can drink these all night. (And therein lies the problem.)

Sour Apple Martini Mix is available in two sizes.

All you need to get started in the world of sour lemon martinis is vodka and a bottle of Amoretti Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Mix.

Sour Apple Cocktail Mix

While our lemon martini mix has a good deal of ‘sour’ in it, the real pucker-factor is in our Sour Apple Cocktail Mix. We love to make tart vodka martinis with this mix. (All you have to do is shake a 2:1 mixture of this sour cocktail mix with vodka over ice.)  If you’re looking for a more detailed recipe, we’ve got you covered.

  • Amoretti Washington Apple: Again, not strictly a martini recipe, but it’s got spirit! Pair this sour cocktail mix with apple or cranberry juice, and watch your rye whiskey disappear.

Pick up a bottle of Amoretti Sour Apple Martini, Appletini Cocktail Mix today so you can try this great recipe (and others) at home!

Have a Favorite of Your Own?

If so, share your sour martini recipe with us and other Amoretti fans at the official Amoretti Facebook page. Your martini recipe can use these two sour cocktail mixes or your own ingredients of choice. No matter what ingredients you choose to use, we’d love to hear from you!

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