Uncommon Fruit Syrups: Apricot

The apricot is a stone fruit related to the plum, almond, peach, and nectarine. Its nectar is a great addition to fine liquor.

Ask us what our idea of a good time is, and you might get many different answers. However, there’s one thing all of our Amoretti team members share in common: a love for creativity. It’s this love for creativity that has inspired so many of our unique drink syrups. Some of our off-the-wall-sounding flavors are actually the most delicious products on our shelves!

When it comes to uncommon fruit syrups, it’s hard to beat the unique flavor of Amoretti Premium Apricot Syrup. Sure, some people will have a raspberry or peach flavored syrup at their home bar, but apricot is a flavor you definitely won’t come across often. Also, it’s rather irreplaceable. While you might make recipe substitutions with other fruits, apricot doesn’t have many counterparts!

Ask brandy lovers what fruit flavor they couldn’t do without, and you might hear ‘apricot’ a surprising number of times. Brandy drinkers worldwide recognize the great taste of this fruit, especially when appropriately paired with fine liquor.

While we don’t want to try and mess with a drink as delicate as apricot brandy, we did try mixing this syrup with some other spirits. We came up with a couple of recipes to share with you!

Mix Amoretti Premium Apricot Syrup with your favorite gin or bourbon for a unique drink!

Amoretti Apricot Gin

Mix over ice, and enjoy!

This cocktail makes a great use of apricot flavor and fruit in a unique way. You can really ‘wow’ your guests with this one. We’re pretty sure they won’t have ever tried anything like this! If you want something a little sweeter, try substituting ginger ale for the tonic water.

If you like darker liquors, try this out:

Amoretti Apricot Bourbon

Intrigued? This drink highlights one of our favorite uncommon fruit syrups in a totally unique way. Take these recipes, and make them your own! Have fun, and experiment. That’s what our company is all about, and we’d love for you to join us!

If you come up with something delicious, please do share it with us! We might even feature your creative venture here on the blog!

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