Unique Beverage Syrup Highlight: A Closer Look at Marzipan

Marzipan Fruits

If you love to make gourmet drinks, then you probably already know a thing or two about marzipan. The tasty confection is the perfect treat to serve along with a cup of tea or gourmet espresso drink. However, you might not have ever considered putting marzipan in your drink. We love experimenting with some of our favorite flavors, and looking for ways to translate them into unique beverage syrups. A few years ago, we did just that with marzipan, creating Amoretti Premium Marzipan Syrup.

Our marzipan syrup tastes like the real deal – not like a sugary, artificial imitation. You can make the gourmet drink recipes you already know and love even better when you add a little of our marzipan syrup to the mix. From lattes and black tea to cocktails, marzipan is a great-tasting flavor that pairs with just about anything. Here are a few more reasons why we love the sugar and almond meal confection…

Marzipan Syrup

7 Reasons to Love Marzipan

1.Marzipan is a New Year’s Day treat in many countries. Children will usually receive small animal-shaped marzipan confections to celebrate the New Year.

2. Germany celebrates a similar tradition. People give each other marzipan pigs (“lucky pigs”) on New Year’s Day.

3. In Italy, marzipan is typically associated with Christmas. Marzipan is traditionally presented throughout the Christmas season to resemble various kinds of fruits.

4. The Scandinavian countries also bring out marzipan during the Christmas season. Children receive the treat on St. Nicholas’ Eve.

5. Amoretti actually started as a marzipan company in 1989. The sweet treat is a core part of who we are. In fact, our first recipe was a family recipe. Needless to say, we’re all crazy about marzipan around here!

6. Like most good things in life, marzipan has a long and windy history. Supposedly, the almond dessert was created in Persia (modern day Iran), and made its way into Europe via Turkish traders.

7. The dessert has been in Europe for many years, though. There’s documented evidence of marzipan in Sicily as far back as 1193.

If you like the flavor of marzipan, we’re sure you’ll love the flavor of our marzipan syrup (certainly one of our most unique beverage syrups). We’ve been making marzipan for more than 24 years, so trust us on this one. If you’re disappointed, you know we’ll always make it up to you. So what are you waiting for? Try it today!

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