Unique Beverage Syrup:
White Chocolate Mochas Make Kitchens Special

Unique Beverage Syrup: White Chocolate Syrup

A great drink to get the day off on the right foot is a white chocolate mocha.

Most people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while they’re getting ready for work or to otherwise start their day. While many of us do run to the nearest coffee shop when we want something special, this can get expensive after a while. But this doesn’t mean that we should all be consigned to the taste of coffee straight out of a pot!

With the help of our unique beverage syrups, you can make every morning memorable with a wide variety of coffee drinks. While we have a ton of interesting fruit syrups that you can use to make many different drinks exciting and delicious, why not try one of our chocolate syrups?

A great drink to get the day off on the right foot is a white chocolate mocha. Now, you might be thinking that this would be impossible to make without the help of an espresso machine and a barista, but the fact of the matter is that you can make one right at home with the help of Amoretti and Amoretti Premium White Chocolate Syrup. You might find that you can make your favorite drinks at home better than the trained professionals at the coffee shop!

Check out this great recipe that is sure to make your mornings brighter.

Amoretti White Chocolate Mocha Recipe:

  • Ingredients:
    • 2/3 cup whole milk
    • 1 oz. Amoretti Premium White Chocolate Syrup
    • Strong coffee, to taste
    • Whipped cream

  • Directions:
  • For best results, make the coffee twice as strong as your normally would for plain drip coffee. Mix all ingredients together, except whipped cream. If you would like your mocha to be frothier, try combining the ingredients in a martini shaker and shake. Pour into a mug, and top with whipped cream if desired.!

    Unique Beverage Syrups: White Chocolate

    Amoretti Premium White Chocolate Syrup

    This is a quick and easy way to make your coffee-making abilities that much more varied. Amoretti Premium White Chocolate Syrup is an easy way to get the flavor of white chocolate into anything – consider pouring it atop chocolate ice cream for a unique treat, or even just mixing it with milk.

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    With so many ways to use our unique beverage syrups, you’ll find that your kitchen is a much more creative and innovative place to be. Make sure to check out our Chocolate Syrups for more information about how our syrups can make your life easier. We look forward to working with you and spicing up the flavor of your life!

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