Unique Beverage Syrups – Anise Facts and Trivia

We’re not magicians, but as it turns out, we’re working with at least one fairly magical ingredient: anise. According to Eastern legends and traditions, the Star Anise herb contains more than an alluring aroma. It also possesses many magical powers, from offering protection to promoting vitality.

While Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup may not extend your life, it sure does taste good in a cup of coffee or tea. Many customers rank anise as one of their favorite flavored syrups for coffee. However, we bet that they don’t know a lot of these facts about the eastern herb…

Anise Syrup

If you’re looking for a few ideas on how to use anise, try adding it to a root beer float, or mixing it with a dark spiced rum.

Facts and Trivia About Anise:

  • One of the earliest mentions of anise comes from Egyptian records.
  • The Romans were also quite fond of aniseed. Purportedly, the Romans used anise to flavor wedding cakes.
  • These days, anise is still used to treat sore throats and upset stomachs. Its flavor has also found a home in many consumer goods products, including candles, perfumes, and… flavored syrups for coffee!
  • Many people also enjoy using anise in their aromatherapy routines. It’s supposed to have a calming effect on the body.
  • Not only is anise a medicine, but it’s also been used to disguise the bad taste of other medicines. Win/win situation, right?
  • Anise pairs especially well with pumpkin and other squash flavors. Looking for a flavor to combine with Amoretti Premium Pumpkin Spice Syrup? Try anise!
  • Anise is sold dried in its natural (and quite beautiful) star shape. It’s usually ground up for use in cooking. However, when cooked down, it can be used whole in many dishes!
  • Anise has a taste that resembles licorice. However, it’s a bit spicier and more complex.

If you’re looking for a truly unique beverage syrup that you can surprise your guests with, check out Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup. It’s a wonderful flavored syrup for coffee, but it’s also great in teas and cocktails. Try this syrup in a nutty dessert cocktail for delicious results. Try working it into our Amoretti Jamaican Coffee recipe for some great results.

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