Unique Beverage Syrups:
The Flavorful Twist Of Elder Flower Syrup.

Unique Beverage Syrups: Elder Flower

One of the most iconic uses for elder flower syrup is in a gin and tonic.

Elder Flower Gin and Tonic

Add a unique and flavorful twist.

Spring brings warmer weather and a promise of growth. There are flowers that are popping up all over the world during spring, and this is a great time of year to bring that flavoring into your kitchen. We have many unique beverage syrups to offer, but we encourage you to try our floral suggestions! Amoretti has a variety of interesting fruit syrups on hand to add panache to your cooking endeavors, but since it’s spring, why not invest in the power of flowers?

One of our favorite floral syrups is Amoretti’s Premium Elder Flower Syrup, which adds a unique and flavorful twist to many different dishes and drinks. Elder flower syrup comes from the elder flower tree, and this flower has been praised for its unique flavor for centuries.

One of the most iconic uses for elder flower syrup is in a gin and tonic. Adding the taste of elder flower to this classic drink allows you to enjoy an old favorite in a new way. Reinventing old classic recipes is a hallmark of a good chef or bartender. For a way to try a twist on the old gin and tonic in a way that will make your guests “wow” at your bar this spring, try this:

Amoretti Elder Flower G&T

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 oz gin
    • 1 oz Amoretti’s Premium Elder Flower Syrup
    • Tonic
    • Ice
    • Lime

  • Directions:
  • In a highball glass, combine ice, gin, and Amoretti’s Premium Elder Flower Syrup. Top with tonic, and squeeze in slice of lime. Serve immediately.

    Unique Beverage Syrups: Elder Flower

    Amoretti: a great way to make your bar or kitchen go farther.

    Remember that the lime is a key ingredient when it comes to making a gin and tonic that wows. Using a high quality gin is also essential – while with other liquors the flavor might be smooth enough to be mitigated by mixing – with most vodka drinks, for example, the bartender can get away with using a lower quality for mixed drinks. However, since the flavor of gin is so strong, it’s imperative to work with a high standard–many people try and dislike gin simply because they’ve only tried the lower-quality brands!

    Taking advantage of the unique beverage syrups that Amoretti offers is a great way to make the reach of your bar or kitchen go farther. We look forward to being your new cooking partner this upcoming spring. Whether you prefer to use our premium syrups for cooking, mixing drinks, or both, we’re sure you’ll find us a wonderful addition to your repertoire!

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