Unique Drink Syrups: Amoretti Bubblegum Syrup

When we say we make more than 115 unique drink syrups, we mean it. We have some seriously unique drink syrups, like Amoretti Premium Bubble Gum Syrup. Want to see more hard to find flavors? Just check out the Novelty section of the Amoretti store.

You probably think that you know bubble gum pretty well. After all, everyone grows up chewing it. And, for many people, it remains a lifelong habit. However, we’re willing to bet that your bubblegum knowledge will be surprised, challenged, and increased with these little known facts…

Amoretti Premium Bubble Gum Syrup - just add to a glass of ice!

  • Bubble gum (loosely) begins with the ancient Greeks (as all things do), who chewed a gum made from resin to relieve stress.
  • Things have come a long way since then. Today, 100,000 tons of the stuff is chewed every single year. That’s 200 million pounds!
  • We always think of bubble gum as being pink. But really, gum is only pink because it was the only color the original modern inventor had on hand at the time. Our bubble gum syrup is a soft yellow that’s practically colorless when mixed in drinks.
  • Children in North America alone account for a half billion dollars of annual bubble gum sales.
  • It takes a lot of time and momentum for a product to reach that level of popularity. Then again, bubble gum has been swelling in popularity since at least the 1940s when it was included in U.S. soldiers’ ration kits.
  • If you’re starting to get the idea that the world chews a ton of bubblegum (well, 100,000 tons as we earlier mentioned), then you’re on the right track. But, consider this with us… Every year, Americans chew so much bubblegum that the energy could power a city of 10 million people.

So, what do you do with this information? Well, clearly there’s enough bubble gum being purchased in the world. Why not get the lip-smacking good flavor in a liquid form with Amoretti? Our Amoretti Premium Bubble Gum Syrup is a great way to sweeten tea, lemonade, popsicles, fruit drinks, and much, much more. Really, the only limit is your imagination.

But, if you’re scratching your head to figure out a way you can use this most unique drink syrup, let us share one recipe idea to get you started… Amoretti Watermelon Bubblegum Lemonade. This drink recipe is a hit with kids and adults. Try it out sometime this winter for a refreshing treat!

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