Unique Drink Syrups for Sweetening Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is wonderful any time of year and any time of day

Peppermint tea is, without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts on this earth. It’s incredibly simple, remarkably tasty, and quite refreshing! Whether you’re sick, starting your day, or getting ready for bed, it’s hard to beat peppermint tea.

This winter, we’ve spent a lot of time enjoying different blends of peppermint tea. Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves in altering our peppermint tea just a little bit here and there. With more than 115 unique drink syrups to choose from, we have four premium syrups that we’ve found pair exceptionally well with this nectar of the gods! Here are our favorite syrups up to the challenge:

Lemon Syrup

Tell us what your family thinks about Amoretti Lemon!

Lemon and peppermint is a classic combination. That’s why we can’t resist adding a few pumps of Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup to our peppermint tea. We actually prefer using our lemon syrup over real lemons because it kills two birds with one stone: you get the citric bite of lemons as well as some added sweetness! Also, our lemon premium syrup tastes more like real lemons than any other lemon drink syrup you’ve had in the past – we guarantee it. The reason? We’ve created this syrup – like all of our unique drink syrups – using real, natural ingredients. You won’t find any artificial junk in our premium syrups!

If you’re not in the mood for any citrus flavors, then give Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup a try. Our rose syrup is one of our most unique drink syrups; it’s also a regular top-seller in the exotic floral syrup category. You’ve definitely never had any syrup like this one before. We’ve written a number of recipes for it in the past. Browse through our recipe collection to find one that sounds good to you!

If you prefer something a bit thicker and creamier to go along with your peppermint tea, then check out Amoretti Premium White Chocolate Vanilla Syrup. This premium syrup is actually more like a sauce than a syrup. It’s the perfect way to make a light drink like peppermint tea taste more like a decadent gourmet dessert.

Lastly, we are proud to recommend to our peppermint tea fans Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup. Like our white chocolate vanilla syrup, this product is thicker and creamier – perfect for a winter treat! If you love eggnog, then you’re sure to love adding a little bit of this syrup to your peppermint tea.

Happy holidays from our family to yours!

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