Unique Martini Mixes for Summer

Add coconut, kiwi and pears to your favorite cocktail with our Amoretti Premium Cocktail mixes!

Our product lineup has two primary functions. One, we want to give you better versions of the timeless flavors you already know and love. Two, we want to deliver out of this world products that can help you add unique flavor you’ve never even thought of before.

Today, we want to focus on that second function of our product lineup. You’ve probably had a cosmopolitan martini. You’ve probably had a sour apple martini, too. While we offer our own great take on both of those flavors, we also offer some great Martini Cocktail Mixes that pack some wild and interesting flavors you’ve never seen before!

Put your own definitive mark on our cocktail mixes
by creating a signature drink.

Add unique flavor to your next martini with Amoretti Pear Martini Cocktail Mix. This delicious summer flavor is a totally unique take on the classic martini. Use this mix with vodka and a dash of vermouth to recreate a classic, or use this cocktail mix to do something totally different.

Sure, we sell this as a martini cocktail mix, but non-alcoholic mix, made with real fruit, can be used in a variety of different ways. Add a dash of it to tried and true cocktail recipes you already enjoy. It’s refreshing, summery, and there’s definitely nothing else quite like it!

If you want to pick up more than just one from our online store, then we’re excited to tell you about Amoretti Coconut Martini Cocktail Mix. If you’ve never tried a coconut martini, then we’d like to encourage you to do so! Coconut is a great flavor to add to your repertoire. And, of course, this martini cocktail mix can also be used in piña coladas, and other classic coconut flavored drinks. Something about this flavor is especially great when frozen.

Many professional chefs and cooks around the world rely on Amoretti's products.

Our third favorite kind of martini mix is definitely Amoretti Kiwi Martini Cocktail Mix. This fruity cocktail mix is loaded with fresh summery flavor! The dark color of this cocktail mix looks absolutely beautiful in a martini glass, too! Garnish with a slice of lime for a great tasting and great looking drink!

Whatever you choose to do with our unique martini mixes, we hope it’s something that makes it your own. Put your own definitive mark on our cocktail mixes by creating a signature drink. When you use our products to add unique flavor to your cocktails, we make the creativity process easier for you. Because our products stand out from the competition, your drinks will, too!

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