Unique Tropical Syrup: Curious Coconut Facts From Amoretti

We’re constantly curious (and always asking questions) about the world around us here at our headquarters in Southern California. While we turn up more questions than we do answers, we still manage to learn a lot along the way.

Today, we’d like to share some information we’ve recently learned about one of our favorite unique tropical syrups, Amoretti Premium Coconut Cream Syrup – or to be more accurate, facts about the coconut seed, itself. (That’s right, we said “seed” – a good place to start!)

Coconut Cream Syrup

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Amoretti Coconut Fats

  • The coconut “fruit” actually isn’t a fruit at all. It’s not a nut either. In fact, the coconut is a seed!
  • Scientists believe that the coconut originated somewhere in the South Pacific, probably near what we now know as New Guinea. Initially, the seeds traveled from island to island over the ocean waves. The unique water resistant qualities of the coconut allowed it to spread throughout the islands.
  • However, coconuts really got around when sailors discovered their use as a food source. Sailors then transported coconuts all over the Southern Pacific, Africa, and the Indian Ocean.
  • Though coconuts are a tasty food source, coconut water bears a striking resemblance to human blood plasma in its make-up. Coconut water has saved thousands of lives in third world countries and in the Southern Pacific (during World War II) because it can be used as a universal blood plasma extender.
  • Speaking of health benefits, did you know that the coconut is the best re-hydrating sports drink there is? Coconut water is a wellspring of electrolytes!
  • Coconut water (the water inside the seed) is incredibly clean and healthy because the coconut fibers filter all of the water. Over the course of nine months, a coconut can filter about one liter of water. This ability is one of the reasons that helps explain why coconuts can travel across ocean waves for months while still remaining alive and well.
  • No discussion of coconuts would be complete without mentioning coconut cream, a delicious paste made from fresh coconuts (which contains natural sugar). Coconut cream is used to make sweet coconut milk.

It may be January, but we’re finding ourselves a little crazy for a taste of our delectable coconut syrup. If you’ve never tried any of our unique tropical syrups, then we can think of few places better to start than coconut. Pick up a bottle today, and give our White Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Latte a try. Or, simply mix coconut syrup into a cup of black tea, and enjoy!

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