Updating Your Home Bar to Showcase Drink Recipes

Use your home bar space to not only make your own gourmet drinks, but to make them with your own personal style.

Not too long ago we ran a blog post about the importance of a home bar.  In that blog post, we covered a few of the basic needs you might have: a clean workspace, a refrigerator, cabinets/shelving, and a sink.  While these are all the basic elements you need to get started as you make your own gourmet drinks, there’s so much more to be done!  You can use your home bar space to not only make your own gourmet drinks, but to make them with your own personal style.

Today, we’d like to get into some of the more sophisticated tools that any home bartender needs to have on hand.  These tools can help make your drink recipes really come to life!

Passion Fruit Syrup

Our Passion Fruit syrup goes great in a variety of teas, cocktails, martinis, and more.

Cocktail Shaker. The shaker is definitely an essential. You don’t want to be stuck stirring drinks your whole life, do you?  Some cocktails taste so much better when shaken and then strained.  Really, there’s no other good way to make chilled drinks than to shake them with ice, strain, and serve.  There are a lot of cocktail shakers are out there on the market.  Choose one that will last.  It’s better to spend more money up front on a nice accessory than to have to replace it in a year.  Also, look for a double-walled shaker that will insulate your hand from the ice.

Mojtio Mint Syrup

Our Amoretti Mojito Mint will add a refreshing taste to any drink!

Plenty of Amoretti Syrups. A most necessary part of those drink recipes, indeed!  You can start off a decent home bar with as few as three or four syrups.  Of course, the more you have, the more possibilities there are.  But, then again, there’s something to be said for creativity thriving with limited ingredients!  This summer, you might want to check out our fruit and citrus syrups.  Some of our recent best-selling summer syrups include Amoretti Premium Passion Fruit Syrup and Amoretti Premium Mojito Mint Syrup.  These are different enough that they’ll open up totally different cocktail possibilities for you!

Decorative Art. Yes, you do need some art.  You’re a bartender now!  What kind of bar doesn’t have anything on the walls.  Whether you frequent a dive or patronize a classy speakeasy, you have probably noticed how the art and décor play into the experience.  If you’re at a loss on where to begin with décor, try framing some of your favorite cocktail recipes.  They’ll double as décor and conversation starters!

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