Use Amoretti Syrups & Find Your Secret Ingredient

Create a top-secret cocktail with our Exotic Premium Flavored Syrups and have fun with your friends
when they try to figure out your secret!

Because we’re chefs here at Amoretti, we’re a bit drawn to the allure behind big trade secrets. We won’t name names, but some of the biggest and most popular products are protected by trade secrets, and the allure that follows is worth noting.

When it comes to your kitchen and home bar, we’ve already done most of the legwork for you by creating the finest premium beverage syrups sourced from natural flavors. Your assignment is to pick one or two of these and start creating a signature cocktail!

The great thing about having such a diverse product line is that everyone can shop at the Amoretti store, but end up creating coffee and tea beverages or cocktails that are entirely unique! It’s never been easier to add unique flavor to a standard well drink or soda recipe now that you can use Amoretti as your one stop shop!

With three easy steps, you can now create a cocktail that has a little trade secret of its own. Though if friends really love it, we can’t blame you for wanting to share your Amoretti based recipe!


Start with your favorite drink: Simple coffee and cream? Gin and tonic? A fruity margarita?

Close your eyes and let the exotic aroma of jasmine take you away!

Pick out a few syrups that you think might pair well with your drink. Check out some of our more exotic beverage syrups if you’re looking for something you can’t find anywhere else. We like to suggest Amoretti Premium Jasmine Syrup (our top-selling exotic floral syrup) for customers who want to add unique flavor, but don’t really know where to start.

Try mixing and matching different amounts of these syrups until you get the perfect combination that works for your drink.


Practice making your drink. Try adding a garnish, or maybe even some coloring to up its style factor. Get it down to a science. Part of a good trade secret is consistent performance, taste, and quality, time after time.


Now, it’s time to start showing off your cocktail! But first, give it a name! Think about how you can reflect the nature of your drink through its name. You don’t have to go out and get a trademark, but giving your cocktail a name can be a fun way to be even more creative with the process. Watch out! If you put the right amount of thought into it, it’s almost certain you’ll have friends trying to get the recipe out of you!

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