Uses for Flavored Syrup:
Make Simple Syrups!

The natural and refreshing taste of roses.

Unique beverage syrups: Rose Syrup

The natural and refreshing taste of roses.

Of course, the primary uses for flavored syrup are all drink-related: cocktails, iced teas, and coffees steal the show. However, just because an Amoretti product is sold as drink syrup, it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way!

If you’ve read our blog much at all, then you know that we love being creative. Developing new syrups and new uses for flavored syrup is one of the things we love most. But, we also are happy to use this blog to empower our customers!

By sharing recipes and creating new flavor combinations, we hope to inspire you to innovate at your home bar and in your kitchen. Today, we want to focus on one of the uses for flavored syrup that is less talked about on the blog: simple syrups.

Simple syrups are found in everything from cocktails (Old Fashioned’s) to cooking recipes. If you’ve spent much time in the kitchen, then you’ve probably made simple syrup of your own. And, doing so is remarkably easy. To make simple syrup, all you have to do is boil water and sugar together. You can then store the concoction in the refrigerator forever.

Nutmeg Syrup

A touch of our Amoretti Premium Nutmeg Syrup can bring out flavors in the chai you might not have noticed before.

But, making simple syrup that has a flavor like rose or lavender can be quite the challenge. While some cooks consider themselves skilled enough to make good rose simple syrup, most people prefer to go to the grocery and buy something instead. However, not all simple syrups are created equal, and the inferior quality of many pre-made simple syrups is enough to turn most cooks away from recipes that require flavored simple syrups.

If this sounds like you, then you should consider using Amoretti drink syrups to meet all of your flavored simple syrup needs! Try our Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup, a top-selling exotic floral syrup, and a popular substitute for many rose-flavored simple syrups sold in the grocery store.

Or, if you need simple syrup that’s more on the spicy side, check out Amoretti Premium Nutmeg Syrup. This simple syrup is delicious for incorporating into a glaze or for using with baked breakfast treats.

Whatever your simple syrup needs is, try using Amoretti drink syrups as substitutes. With over 115 unique flavors, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for in the Amoretti store! Go ahead and take a look today!

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