Ways to Brew Whole Leaf Tea From Amoretti Premium Syrup

There are many ways to prepare tea. Find your favorite style!

Alright, tea-lovers… this one’s for you. Coffee and cocktails seem to get a lot of the spotlight here on the Amoretti blog. But, our Amoretti Premium Syrups go great in tea, too. If you’re looking to improve your tea experience, why not try adding one of our delicious liquid sweeteners into the mix? From exotic florals to rare tropical syrups, we have plenty of liquid sweeteners that can make your tea experience better than ever.

Of course, the perfect cup of tea starts with good brewing. If you’re a seasoned tea-drinker, then you’re probably aware that there are dozens of ways to brew a cup of tea. New tea-drinkers, however, might find this brief little guide to brewing tea helpful…

Here are some of our favorite ways to brew whole leaf tea:

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  1. Tea Balls. This is one of the easiest ways to brew whole leaf tea. Tea balls are usually about the size of ping pong balls. They open up into two halves, where the whole tealeaves can be inserted, and then fasten back together with a simple clasp. Spend a few extra dollars to get a decent sized tea ball that won’t break after a month of use.
  2. In-Cup Infusers. This tea brewing method is also easy. We think that in-cup infusers are a little easier to clean up than tea balls. However, if you use a lot of oddly shaped mugs, then you might prefer tea balls over this method. With the in-cup infuser, you simply drop the infuser into your mug, allowing the rim to rest on the lip of your mug, add water, steep, and remove. Add your favorite Amoretti premium syrup, and enjoy!
  3. Pyramid Bags. Many gourmet tea companies sell whole leaf tea in pre-portioned pyramid bags. These bags resemble the ground tea bags that you’re probably accustomed to. However, the unique pyramid shape allows more room for whole leaf tea to blossom.
  4. Travel Infusers. Are you always on the go? If so, then a travel mug with a built-in infuser might be useful for you. Pay attention to how the tealeaves are removed from the mug. If you’re driving down the highway at 65 miles per hour, then you might want a travel infuser that doesn’t require you to toss the leaves!
  5. Gaiwans. We saved this method for last because it’s our favorite! A Gaiwan consists of a cup and a lid. You can brew loose tea in the cup, and drink straight from it!

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