What Drink Recipes? Unleashing Your Own Creativity With Classical Music

Research indicates that listening to classical music improves a person's creativity.

There’s a popular theory in our culture, more or less backed by research, that listening to classical music can increase your brain function, and enhance your creativity.  The theory is known as the “Mozart effect,” and many children and adults of all ages have claimed to have experienced enhanced creative productivity when listening to classical music.

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Of course, our team at Amoretti is a major proponent of creativity.  If you’ve read this blog for even as little as a week, then you at least know that we’re always encouraging customers with tips and ideas to make your own gourmet drinks.  However, our blog posts go beyond recipes.  We’re also adamant about encouraging creativity in our customers.

For a company like ours, creativity is as important as accounting spreadsheets and manufacturing processes.  We’ve found that classical music can enhance our creativity (meaning better product), and customers’ creativity (meaning better drinks)!

If you feel like your creativity just dries up when you step up to your home bar, try listening to classical music.  Many studies have found that when classical music accompanies our actions, our brains are able to perform with more intense focus.  Classical music organizes our thought processes and inspires us to try out new ideas that had not previously occurred to us.

Whether you feel like you’ve had a pretty good creative streak lately as you make your own gourmet drinks, or whether you’re struggling to mix a decent martini, give classical music a try!  With so many recordings available for free streaming online, you have no excuse not to.

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The Experiment

Once you have your classical music playing, here’s the challenge we’d like to present to you.  Pick one of your favorite Amoretti drink recipes.  If you don’t have a favorite yet, try out our Lavender Raspberry Iced Tea.  This is a great recipe to start with because it’s simple and easy for anyone (really, anyone!) to attempt.

Now, using our delicious Premium Violet Lavender Syrup and our Premium Raspberry Syrup, follow the basic recipe through to the finish.  Pretty good, isn’t it?  Of course, this recipe is quite simple.  It could be improved upon, don’t you agree?

Listening to your classical music, look through your kitchen and find ingredients you think would pair well.  You might even change the nature of the drink and make it frozen, or turn it into a cocktail.  Experiment with the recipe until you’ve created something totally your own.  We’d love to know what you came up with!  Do you believe in the difference classical music can make?

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