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Cola was first made in 1886 by Dr. Pemberton

Cola was first made in 1886 by Dr. Pemberton

You have to imagine that as Bill Gates was building the first PC in his garage, he probably thought something like, “Man, I’m really about to change the world.” And he would have been right. But what we’re not so sure about is that Dr. John Stith Pemberton, strutting through downtown Atlanta in 1886, had the same sentiment in mind.

Nevertheless, Dr. Pemberton, with his early cola creation, impacted the world in some huge ways with his “health tonic.” Gates-ian huge? Maybe not quite. But big nonetheless!

Packed with lots of flavor and at only 35 calories per serving!

Packed with lots of flavor and at only 35 calories per serving!

The Story of the First Cola

May 8, 1886 was a day like many others in Atlanta. Out of the cool crisp spring morning, a muggy Southern humidity began to seep up into the streets. The employees at Jacobs’ Pharmacy downtown, getting ready for the day to come, were preparing for the heat to settle when Dr. Pemberton introduced the first cola the world ever tasted.

As a druggist from Columbus, Georgia, Dr. Pemberton had a medical degree, had attained the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Confederate army, and had a pretty serious battle wound that left him with a morphine dependency.

In hopes of reducing his pain, Dr. Pemberton set to work on creating a health tonic with analgesic properties. He combined coca leaves and cola nuts with the hope of finding some relief. His lab assistant, however, is the one that really set things into motion. By accidentally mixing Dr. Pemberton’s concoction with carbonated water, the first cola was born!

What Happened Next?

Well, as you probably already know, Dr. Pemberton sold the rights to his concoction to a major soda company (still in existence today) with near global presence and a marketing budget larger than many nations’ annual GDPs. Between 1890 and 1900, that company experienced a 4,000 percent growth in sales thinks to Dr. Pemberton’s creation. However, Pemberton never knew just how popular his drink would be, as he died just two years after selling the rights to his drink.

A Unique Beverage Syrup: Premium Cola Syrup

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