Create healthier beverages with Amoretti's Sugar-Free flavorings & Agave nectars.

Create healthier beverages with Amoretti’s Sugar-Free flavorings & Agave nectars.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – but why do we need the medicine in the first place?

As we become more health conscious as a nation, it’s easy to begin counting calories and paying attention to our caloric intake. The reality, though, is that the quality of those calories and the food we eat is just as important, but you rarely hear anyone discussing our intake of sugar.

Exceeding the recommended sugar intake, which almost all of us do, can lead to serious health consequences such as heart disease. So how much sugar is too much? The recommended daily intake for women is no more than 5 teaspoons and 9 teaspoons for men. Children should have no more than 3 teaspoons. To put this into perspective, a single can of cola would surpass all of these recommendations. And we’re not even talking about any desserts, dressings, carbohydrates, or any other sources of sugar. Yikes!

Now, it’s important to note that not all sugar is bad, as sugar naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables with fiber and micronutrients can actually be healthy for you. It’s the added processed sugar in our diet that has the potential to do harm.

Amoretti offers over 10 Sugar-Free Flavorings

Amoretti offers over 10 Sugar-Free Flavorings

No wonder so many people are searching for sugar free flavored syrup! But not all sugar free flavored syrup options are created equally. Remember, quality matters when it comes to beverage ingredients and the calories we consume. While excess sugar is bad, so are artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors.

Sugar Free Flavored Syrup from Amoretti

At Amoretti, our sugar free flavored syrup options are made from the proprietary extraction process of the natural occurring flavor, allowing you to enjoy the flavor without artificial ingredients. Some of our favorite sugar free flavored syrup choices include Amoretti Premium Sugar Free French Vanilla Flavoring and Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Flavoring. Want to enjoy a variety of flavors at an affordable price? Then try the Amoretti Premium Flavorings Sugar-Free Classics 3 Pack!

Though they’re not sugar free, our Organolicious liquid sweeteners made from organic agave nectar are also a more diet-friendly alternative. From Amoretti Organolicious Almond Flavored Blue Agave Nectar to Amoretti Organolicious Premium Blue Agave Nectar, the entire line is made from organic agave nectar, the celebrated plant from the indigenous peoples of Southern Mexico.

As sugar-free beverages continue to gain popularity, remember that the ingredient list itself is as important as the practice of watching your sugar intake.

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